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“If you’re in the luckiest one per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent.” ~ Warren Buffett

A will to succeed, passion to deliver the best and an empathy for those around are few of the attributes that best define our founder, Shri Ram Kumar Thota. A successful entrepreneur, Ram Kumar Thota is the Founder and CEO of SRR group. With an experience of 25 years in building material Industry, he founded S.R.R Building Material Trading LLC in 2007 and has nurtured it to become one of the largest exporters, importers, stockists, wholesalers and retailers of building materials in UAE. The company now continues its healthy growth story with expansion in Oman. His approach and vision has helped SRR group to earn reputation as a company of best practices, there by establish a wide network of suppliers and channel partners. An inspiration to a wonderful team of professionals, Ram Kumar Thota continues to lead with his personal example of integrity and client -centric approach.

Being a vehicle towards development in UAE has been a driving force for our founder to venture on the path of entrepreneurship and establish a company. This is the same inclination to contribute towards development beyond personal growth, which has also been a critical aspect in founding TRK foundation.
Through the foundation, Ram Kumar Thota wants to translate his success and good fortune in life to those that need it. The development of Vemulavada, having a large bearing on the mind, he has taken up for initiatives.

Committed for sustained development and long haul, TRK foundation is Ram Kumar Thota’s vision to be a platform for larger good beyond charity. A platform where he can leverage on the extensive network he has built in his journey and channelize all the efforts to contribute towards development.

As great leaders said, villages are the back-bone of our country, I would like to contribute a little bit from my side to develop the rural areas/villages of my native land initially. With the blessings of almighty God, I look forward to serve the needy and I’m very much excited to start a TRK charitable trust.”


Chairman: SRR Building Materials, Dubai

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